Peter Obi applauds OBIdients following rally across Nigeria and diaspora

Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, tenders a note of appreciation to his supporters, OBIdients, following a One-Million-Man rally that spread across the country and outside Nigeria.

The supporters of the former PDP member on Nigeria’s 62nd Independence Day took to the streets of many states in Nigeria to campaign for the coming 2023 election.

peter obi

Many supporters outside Nigeria also did their part as seen in Ghana, the United Kingdoms, and in America.

In an appreciation post via the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, Peter Obi wrote to his supporters;

“Dear OBIdients, today will go down in history as a day Nigerians spoke with one united voice; the message is clear and simple – A NEW NIGERIA IS POSSIBLE! From Lagos, Bauchi, Benin City, Warri, Osogbo, Kaduna, Uyo, Aba, London, New York and many more, OBIdients made a bold statement with generally very peaceful rallies.

peter obi one million man rally

The very young, and old men and women in their millions marched in solidarity and in support of our collective vision of a New Nigeria. I salute Nigerian Youths.

I thank you all most sincerely, for your passion, resolve and resiliency. You have shown the world that Nigeria is ready for change, and that the majority are ready to lead the way.

Thank you all for the sacrifices. Our labours shall never be in vain and there is no stopping us now. May Almighty God bless you all and bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. -PO”