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Pastor cancels wedding after discovering that couple engaged in bed activity

A young lady identified as @chrisse_jide has narrated how a couple’s wedding was cancelled after the pastor discovered that they engaged in foreplay.

According to her, while the ceremony was going on, the pastor took the couple to his office and asked them if they have been engaging in premarital s*x to which they objected.


However, upon questioning them, the pastor discovered they were engaging in foreplay. He decided to cancel the wedding, stating that their bed had been defiled.

She tweeted:

“There was this wedding that was supposed to hold on a saturday in a church around my neighborhood. On the wedding day while the wedding ceremony was already going on, the pastor came out and called the groom and the bride into his office and he said,

“I know I’ve asked you this before but the holy spirit keeps disturbing me now to ask you again if you both have not had premarital sex” and they both said NO, they never had sex. And the pastor asked again “Sister, has this brother ever touched you?” and she said “Yes, he only kiss me, press my brest and fingers me but we never had s*x.”

“The pastor came out of his office with the bride and the groom and he said “I know all of you here are here to witness this holy matrimony but we’re sorry we can’t join them as husband and wife because their bed has been defiled. And that was the end.”

See the tweet below:

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