Rich Oyinbo man who sold his house, quit his job abroad to stay with African wife cries out as wife dumps him

An Oyinbo man, Alexander who sacrificed everything for love has cried out as his African wife abruptly ended their relationship, leaving him stranded in a foreign land.

Alexander’s journey reportedly began with a chance encounter during a vacation in Kenya, where he was captivated by the charm and warmth of the local people.

It was there that he met his now ex-wife, a Kenyan lady, and was drawn to her uniqueness and sincerity amidst a sea of fleeting encounters.

Oyinbo man who sold his house, quit his job abroad to stay with African wife cries out as wife dumps him Despite initial doubts, Alexander found himself deeply in love and proposed a life together, envisioning a future filled with happiness and prosperity.

Driven by love and a desire to build a life with his newfound partner, Alexander, a doctor, made the bold decision to sell his house and quit his stable job in his home country.

He opted instead to relocate to Kenya, where his partner resided. Upon settling in Kenya, the couple invested heavily in farming ventures, purchasing expansive lands and livestock in Ishiara, aiming for a prosperous future together.

Oyinbo man who sold his house, quit his job abroad to stay with African wife cries out as wife dumps him

However, Alexander’s dreams were shattered when his wife abruptly ended their marriage.

The once-promising union turned into a nightmare, as the Oyinbo man grappled with the harsh reality of losing everything he had worked for in the name of love.

The man said in part;

“My life was going really well and i have everything a guy could want I was very happy but i felt like something was missing until i met my my first wife who was a Russian we got married, has a great time together and really loved each other without any problems however as it often happens, things can change eventually my wife and i began to have issues which led to our divorce after that she moved on with her life I focused on getting back to normal and continued working I still held a good position at my job.”

“I didn’t let the situation hold me back, I travelled to different countries and took vacations to explore new places I visited many countries in Europe and Asia most of my travelling really brought me peace whenever i took a break from work I was especially curious about Africa because i had never been there The first time i went to Africa, I chose Kenya because i had Russian friends living there this made it easier for me to settle in and find company.

“In Kenya I was very happy because I found the people there to be very kind one day while on vacation, my friends and I went to a beach called pirates we were all in good mood, and my friends brought some girls along who they said they were their friends, I wasn’t planning to get involved with anyone there but then i met a girl there it was the first time i saw her and i fell in love right away the reason i fell for her so much was unique at that place at that place many girls were there as prostitutes but when one of my friends showed interest in her and she turned him down I realized she was different that’s when i decided to know her better .”

“As time went on I realized she could be a good partner seeing this, i quickly expressed my desire to her i asked her to marry me and live together in Moscow where i resided because i couldn’t leave my job to live in Kenya she did not question my proposal she accepted everything openly.

“Since everything took place in Kenya, I quickly went back to Russia to wait for her so she joined me soon after and we were very happy together even when we had our first child she didn’t have a job and stayed home to take care of our child which was challenging because she didn’t speak Russian we lived together for 2 and half years but then she started changing she became to bad and often said she wants to return to Kenya this upset me a lot because I couldn’t understand why she was acting this way when i was trying to provide everything she needed her behaviour grew worst over time leading to argument and conflicts that escalated into physical fights this troubled period resulted in too many fights between us…”

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