Outrage as Lion is seen eating grass at a zoo in Nigeria (Video)

Outrage as Lion is seen eating grass at a zoo in Nigeria (Video)

An underfed lion feeding on grass in a caged environment at a zoo in Nigeria sparks mixed reactions across the internet space.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment a flesh-eating (carnivorous) animal switched to survival instincts and fed on grass like goats and other herbivores.

Feeding on grass is a result of the poor nutritional supply to the lion as seen at a yet-to-be-identified zoo in Nigeria.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions, some of which attributed it to the economy of the country while others expressed concerns for the lion.

See some reactions below …

Harry_walter123 wrote: “Simba remember who you are😂.”

Alahaja_armani penned: “Perfect representation of Nigeria has happened! Hand don meet lion 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ the sound track sef 😢.”

Jadegrin noted: “The lioness is sick that is her way of getting medication. The zoo keepers should pay more attention to them 😢.”

Godson_allsom stated: “This is so bad 😢 all this Pablo wey Dey sacrifice goat and ram 🐏 to there gods Should spare some for this poor lion 🤲🏻🥲.”

__adesolla wrote: “Na condition make crayfish bend 😩 the other one wey gree chop grass don faint for ground so 😂.”

Watch the video below …

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