Junior Pope: Angela Okorie spills dirty secret about Zubby Michael

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie opens cans of worms about her colleague, Zubby Michael following his recent tribute to Junior Pope amidst intense pressure.

It would be recalled that Zubby Michael succumbed to pressure to express grief over Junior Pope’s passing. The actor received a positive response after his post, which was a departure from previous criticism against him.

Angela okorie

Angela Okorie, however, continues to criticize Zubby for what she perceives as hypocrisy in his tribute to the late actor. She pointed out that Zubby never acknowledged Pope while he was alive.

Angela accused the actor of alleged involvement in fetish practices and exploiting his colleagues; including manipulation of others’ destinies under the guise of hospitality.

zubby michael

Furthermore, she mentioned revelations she received about a planned malicious agenda against Junior Pope’s body.

Angela Okorie ridicules Zubby Michael, accuses him of fetish practices

“Zubby onye bu Nwanne gi cos we don drag you,you Dey post JP make people think say you be better person, You are a very wicked soul zubby everybody knows that.

“You have never celebrated him RIP too sweet u to post E
what de heck nigga Ina puala onye iberibe
Take your fake love elsewhere we know you Lucifer
You have never ment well for him people wey know know,
You never posted his birthdays,films,achievements, why posting him now Muderfu*cker

“Zubby boli boli wey you give demonic money
Where is he we all know anybody wey you give money,
His or her life never remains same,is either they stop growing or stop excelling,or fall sick and die, you are evil.

“Untie peoples destinies else you will have me to contend with for the rest of your life, I Angel of the most high God is your karma, I am the Lords battle Axe you know say spiritually and physically all of you can’t do me shit,touch me by mistake and die by correction filthy things.
I am light and I have no business with darkness

“Note:The lord revealed that some people going to Junior pop’s burial are planing to pack sands from his grave to chain his spirit.
Y’all should put your eyes on the ground , his grave should be sealed immediately no1 apart from his family members should go close to his grave,they want to chain his spirit Ndi ala
Rest in power Bro

“it’s so painful to know you are gone forever but you are in our hearts forever,we will never forget all your good deeds
While you are alive,The world will miss you, I miss you, nollywood is miss you , bro is still like a dream to me so na JP we Dey go put for ground ah I Dey

Junior Pope: Angela Okorie spills dirty secret about Zubby Micheal