Only Go There If You want To Die – Dorcas Shola Calls Out Lagos Hospital After Death Of 3 Family Members 

Nollywood actress Dorcas Shola Fapson, has called out Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH in Ikeja, for alleged incompetence and lack of professionalism that cost the lives of her family members.Dorcas Shola Fapson LASUTH hospital

Narrating her ordeal in a story she posted on her Instastory, the actress acknowledged at the end that her DM was literally full as people with same experiences in LASUTH confirmed her story.

The actress, who lamented the loss of her mum, uncle and one other family member in the hospital, wrote, “This country is really a jungle. So scary.

“Having a baby in Nigeria is literally like playing Russian roulette with your life. So many untrained “Dr’s” playing guessing games with people’s LIVES.

Only go to LASUTH IKEJA if you want to die. SAME hospital my Mum died in. SAME Abibat died in. Same circumstances. SAME hospital my uncle went to with a toothache & died! STOP PLAYING WITH PEOPLE LIVES!!!!! Idiots @LASUTHIKEJA FUCK YALL

“If I start with the hell care system in this country ehn? Kmt disgusting! They have zero compassion, they dont care about the patients, zero empathy, it’s literally just another body.

“I KNOW it boils down to our useless leaders but bruhhh! How many people will continue to die unnecessarily ?!?!!!!

“Yes I have the luxury to travel but what about those that don’t ??!

“2023 Exactly why we need to vote in 2023 we NEED new leaders! People that give a fuck! See how everyone rushed to send David 1m for Birthday keep the same energy for a new young political party! Its really the ONLY way for a better Nigeria!

“Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.. bye. P.s F***CK LASUTH!

“My DM is literally FULLLL of people that have had similar experiences in LASUTH – how is it still running?!”Dorcas Shola Fapson LASUTH hospital


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