Old woman selling groundnut receives rose flower, blows kiss to young man who gave it to her

A young Nigerian man was seen giving a beautiful rose flower to an elderly woman who was selling groundnuts.

The story unfolded when a young man, spotted an elderly woman diligently selling groundnuts on a street corner.

Touched by her determination and perhaps inspired by the spirit of goodwill, he decided to bring a smile to her face.

Approaching the elderly woman, the young man presented her with a beautiful rose flower.

The joy and surprise on the elderly woman’s face were palpable as she graciously accepted the gift.

However, the young man’s generosity did not stop there. He reached into his pocket and offered her some money.

What followed next was a heartwarming exchange of affection between the two strangers.

The young man knelt before the elderly woman, sealing their interaction with a gentle kiss blown in her direction.

In an unexpected and equally touching response, the elderly woman reciprocated the gesture by blowing a kiss back to her newfound friend.

Netizens Reactions…

@Southpaw6 said; “That rose made her market look pretty.”

@Rocky design commented; “You see dat place way mama put the money? Na best bank?”

@DJ MAFIA D DREAMS said; “See first grandma mouth. Mama don tey for Lagos like orisa meta.”

@ezeagu commented; “The last woman nah flower dem use break her heart so no be her fault.”

@janeanna618 said; “Bro the first mama how can I send something to her?”

@AIykeM said; “This mama dey worry no be small. She take everything, including the kisses.

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