Elderly woman selling fruits bursts into tears over hard economy, gets cash gift from stranger (Video)

A deeply emotional video recently surfaced on popular social media platform TikTok, portraying an elderly woman who broke into tears upon being approached by a stranger.

In the video, the elderly woman was captured at her kiosk, awaiting customers for her goods, yet none seemed to approach.

Elderly Woman selling bananas and oranges
Elderly Woman

Moments later, a young man approached her kiosk, initially appearing as though he would walk away, but he eventually turned back and entered her stall.

The video’s caption revealed that the elderly woman had vented her frustrations about the harsh economic reality, detailing her struggles to attract customers and make a decent income from her fruit business.

Meanwhile, the young man sat down with her and pulled out cash from his pocket.

Although taken aback initially, the elderly woman soon understood the kind gesture as the young man handed her the money.

Overwhelmed with joy and surprise, she burst into tears and began to pray for the young man in the video.