Nurse breaks down emotionally over dying patient’s last words

A Nigerian nurse breaks down in tears as she reveals the last words of a patient who was battling for life at a hospital.

A touching video posted by nurse @solangerosekim has captured the emotion she felt over the last words of her patient.

nurse patient's last words

In the heart-wrenching video, nurse @solangerosekim shared the final words of her patient, who gratefully thanked her and the medical team for their compassionate care and love during his final days.

Despite the sadness and grief, the patient’s appreciation and gratitude shone through, leaving a lasting impact on all who watched.

Reactions have followed …

@oni fav said: “This profession will make you mourn people you barely know.”

@Ikechukwu promise reacted: “My 13years old brother look me in the eyes and said to me he no if life is in the hands of men I would give him one.”

@olive bae98 said: “I cant forget the day a patient died while holding my hand coz i was supporting him ,maintaining the drip ,RTA,MHSRIP.”

@Maria wrote: “Hug. I lost a patient I was assigned to. I watch her give up the ghost. Painful when the parent walk towards me and say thank you.”

@Baby Nurse said: “I cared for a patient for a 3 weeks then on the day she was gonna be discharged she thanked me for taking care of her. Four hours later she died. I have never healed.”

@Jay-Dee reacted: “I once did last office for three clients in a night shift, I was not myself for almost a whole week, this work is really gospel.”

Watch video below …


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