“Normally, I’m a full option” – Nigerian lady with small stature flaunts body despite criticism of her size (Video)

Lady Mercee, a Nigerian lady with a small stature, has become popular on TikTok for confidently embracing her body and rejecting criticism.

In a video, she proudly displayed her beauty and declared that she was not ashamed of her body, despite many people asking her to reveal her full figure.

Dressed neatly in black trousers and a white top, Lady Mercee turned around multiple times in the video, showing her whole body. Her fans recognized her as a beautiful woman and praised her for her confidence.

Lady Mercee, who has a small stature, called herself a “full option.”

This statement showed her refusal to be defined by society’s beauty standards

She wrote;

“People always ask me to show my full picture. Normally, I don’t hide myself. I’m a full option. So you think I’m ashamed of myself? NEVER. Normally, I’m a full option. Check it out nah.”

Netizens Reactions…

@Dawaisi said; “So you people are nice in this comment section. Let me keep scrolling till someone writes what’s I would have written.

@shiity_zee commented; “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

@Teelove said; “She was my senior in secondary school, her confidence was everything that year.”

@SHAKIROH said; “I love the fact that you have a high self-esteem.”

@jamesbondd486 said; “Nothing can bring you down.”

@Daviado commented; “You’re beautiful my dear.”

@Sammy321 said; “Everything is wonderfully made.”

See below;


So you think I’m ashamed of myself?🙄 NEVER 😑 normally I be full option 😁🤭😌check it out nah 😋💗

♬ original sound – ladymercee🤭😌