Man whose girlfriend suspects him of cheating posts her number online, asks Nigerians to help him beg her

A Nigerian man, identified as Dan Adam, has taken to social media to seek assistance after his girlfriend blocked him on all platforms following suspicions of cheating.

The man’s emotional plea, which included posting his girlfriend’s phone number online and urging Nigerians to intervene on his behalf, has ignited a diverse range of responses from netizens.

The drama unfolded when Adam, in a desperate bid to clear his name, shared his girlfriend’s phone number on Twitter and begged users to persuade her to unblock him.

Man whose girlfriend suspects him of cheating cries out as she blocks him everywhere, posts her number online, asks Nigerians to beg her

The young man, visibly distraught, tearfully expressed his innocence amidst overwhelming heartbreak, imploring for understanding and reconciliation in the face of his girlfriend’s suspicions.

According to Adam’s account, his girlfriend’s suspicions were triggered when he failed to respond to her calls and messages while asleep, leading her to block him on all communication channels.

In a desperate attempt to salvage their relationship, Adam turned to social media for support, seeking the intervention of fellow Nigerians to persuade his girlfriend to reconsider her actions.

Netizens Reactions…

@_Icallie said; “You have a girlfriend and you are sleeping??.”

@bee19_bless said; “See people wey shola write book for 😂😂.”

@crownDcook said; “Done… say I no help you ooo.”

@Remy4yo said; “You slept with me. Stop lying. You cheated on her with me.”

@FREDelicious1 said; “It should be a crime punishable by 5 years imprisonment if you’re under 50, are a Nigerian and not active on Twitter. Wtf is all these I’m seeing? 😂😂😂😂😂

@datboi_loner said; “You dey use style give girls your number abi 😂🫵:”

@da_flimzy said; “It’s always ‘I was sleeping’ them dey always use cover for the piping that was done when you couldn’t reach them 😂”

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