Nigerian woman faces heartbreak as ex denies responsibility for pregnancy

A Nigerian woman, four weeks pregnant, shares the heart-wrenching message she received from her ex boyfriend after informing him of her pregnancy.

In the post captioned “After we broke up, I realized I was pregnant, so I decided to text him,” the lady expressed uncertainty about her pregnancy initially but confirmed it after their breakup.

Nigerian woman faces heartbreak as ex denies responsibility for pregnancy
Nigerian woman faces heartbreak as ex denies responsibility for pregnancy.

She greeted her ex-boyfriend, who promptly inquired if there was something she wanted to discuss.

She explained her situation, mentioning her pregnancy test results after the breakup, which confirmed she was pregnant with his child.

His response was dismissive, questioning her mental state and dismissing her claim as a joke.

Despite presenting evidence of her pregnancy, he denied responsibility, even resorting to cursing and telling her to do as she pleases.

The conversation sparked reactions on social media, with many sharing their thoughts in the comments.

See some reactions below:

OLAMIPOSI 💞💞: “But to be sincere this kind things hardly to believe ☹️but he no suppose to talk like that this kind thing have happened to me before my ex text me she get belle for me after 2month breakup&im already.”

Sandy Lee001: “Ayie ma baje nii sis pls don’t abort it oo pls he go still come back.”

Churchill Ella: “When I was pregnant my baby father told me too abort😞😞 and I have no family over there but God was with me now my daughter is 8 the father is back.”

Maxwell: “See advice everywhere no body Dey say send aza let me help you ….ema Ku ni.”

Oba Dating: “I love Ur last statement be strong 💪🏽his gonna regret.”

______💙Big Darah: “Do not abort the Bby ayomide 🙏 although it gonna be hell Fr 💯 but face it with great determination and let him realize that without him you can live.”

ꨄ🧿TEDDY BEAR : “don’t abort it he’s coming back mark my words.”

L💔o🥹n😞e😪r: “I only feel your pain cos 😭 it a lot but if you are capable keep it , if you ain’t just do what comes from your heart but hat your account details I just wanna give you what my heart give you please.”

say_hey_to_Dammy_ frosh: “Babe calm am felling your pain but god will do good thing for you babe.”