Nigerians drag Ayra Starr for being touchy with Brazilian fans

Nigerians slammed Ayra Starr for being touchy with her SabiGays at an event in Brazil after rejecting a Nigerian fan Jaywon from holding her.

Some LGBTQ supporters were observed holding signs that read “We Are Your Sabigays” and “We love You Ayra” during her performance on Friday at the C6 Festival in São Paulo.

The LGBTQ followers’ self-referential term, “Sabigays,” is a tribute to Ayra Starr’s title, Sabi Girl.

After the event, one of the LGBTQ fans with the X handle @miketrindade shared photos from his meeting with Ayra Starr with the caption, “Today I met my Starrrrrr @ayrastarr.”

Nigerians drag Ayra Starr for being touchy with her "SabiGays" Brazilian fans at Brazil concert
LGBT fans of Ayra Starr

The post soon went viral, with fans, especially Nigerians, expressing mixed feelings. Ayra Starr also reposted it via her Instagram story.

Read some mixed reactions from Nigerians online…

@AGRF9: “The moment the gays start stanning you, it’s officially over: You are in for a long career.

“If you check very long and resistant female careers such as Madonna, Beyoncé, Mariah, Nicki etc., just to name a few, you will notice their careers were/are heavily supported by women and gays. These people will support you till the end of time.

@Ikopema09: It makes sense now why Jaywon got restricted”

@BayoOtedola: “Jaywon no even see hand hold”.

@Ojodale: “Jaywon no dey reach like this before you embarrass am”.

@harrisonJNIOR: “She don’t need it [support of LGBTQ]. If she does, she’ll get them and lose Nigerians.”

@NGeeNius: “This is rubbish. She doesn’t need this unnatural set of people. She already is a rising star. So she doesn’t need to capitalize on Jack.”

@Buekemi: “Which one is SABIGAYS? Count me out of your fans from today, I don’t fuck with this”.

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