Viral News Nigerian wife cries and begs her husband to ”come back” as his...

Nigerian wife cries and begs her husband to ”come back” as his body is bundled after dying from Coronavirus in Brazil (video)


A video which emerged on social media shows the heartbreaking moment a woman broke down in tears after her husband, Babafemi Adebayo died of coronavirus.

In a video recorded shortly after his death, his wife is heard saying:

“Babafemi are you sleeping? Please wake up. Your mother is at home, your children are at home, your elder and younger siblings are at home. Please wake in the name of Jesus. Jesus have mercy on me. Jesus, take pity on me.

“Ahhh, Adebayo. Babfemi. I’m calling you. It’s me calling you, not someone else. Your wife is yje one calling you. I ask you to wake up in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ, I’m calling you.

“It’s your body that’s being bundled so. Jesus take pity on me. I’m begging you.”

Below is a video of his wife expressing her love for him, singing his praise, and begging him to wake up.


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