Nigerian man insists Junior Pope is alive, says there’s evidence

A Nigerian man in a fresh video insists that popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, is alive and not dead, while insisting that there is enough evidence to prove it.

This is contained in a fresh video where the said man, wearing a yellow outfit, was seen racing while shouting “Evidence dey, Junior Pope is alive.”

Nigerian man insists Junior Pope is alive, says there's evidence
Nigerian man insists Junior Pope is alive.

He made the statement amidst claims that the popular actor had drowned during a movie shoot, alleging his death.

While several media outlets have reported the death of the said actor, a few persons have insisted that he is not dead.

A similar claim was made by a Nollywood actor, alleging that the actor’s death was faked by the movie producer to promote the movie in which he featured.

In the midst of this, a fresh video claiming the said actor isn’t dead has surfaced on social media.



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