Toddlers announces breakup with girlfriend, warns her not to pretend they’re still together

A toddler, who couldn’t be more than 5 years old, announced that he has broken up with his girlfriend while insisting that she, his now ex-girlfriend, can’t tell people that they are still dating because they are no longer together.

In the video, the boy spoke like an adult while explaining the sour relationship between himself and his now ex-girlfriend.

Toddlers announces breakup with girlfriend, warns her not to pretend they're still together
Toddlers announces breakup with girlfriend.

Initially, the boy was asked about a lady whom he claimed to have stopped playing with, and in response, he insisted that it’s true that he is no longer playing with the girl.

A lady asked, ‘But you told me you fought.’

The boy replied, ‘Yes, we fought and we’ve broken up, but we still talk.’

Later, someone chimed in, asking, ‘So you’ve now become exes?’

The boy answered, ‘Yes.’

Another lady asked, ‘So after breaking up, you still ended up talking. She told me that you greeted her and she didn’t respond?’

The boy clarified, ‘She answers me. She can’t say we’re dating anymore.’

The statement of the little boy, despite his age, stunned many as social media users stormed the comment page of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

user2145522534206: “se this one can pass jamb bayi.”

AriYo: “This boy was here before.”

Abike’s world: “Why u bowcup now haaa.”

Oluwamayourmhikun: “Old man in a boy.”

OLUWATIRESIMI: “ASI ti bloke up.”



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