Nigerian man ends 7-day relationship with girlfriend as she posts actor Timini on WhatsApp, captions it ‘my love’

A Nigerian man who started dating a lady who became his girlfriend just 7 days ago ended things with her after she posted a photo of Nollywood actor Timini on her WhatsApp status with the caption ‘My love’.

This revelation surfaced in a recent post circulating on social media.

Nigerian man ends 7-day relationship with girlfriend as she posts actor Timini on WhatsApp, captions it 'my love'
Man ends 7-day relationship as girlfriend posts Timini on WhatsApp.

In the post, the man expressed his disapproval, stating that it’s inappropriate for his girlfriend to post another man on her WhatsApp status with such a caption while they are in a relationship.

He added that it indicates a lack of respect.

The lady, however, explained that it meant nothing significant, but the man insisted otherwise, stating that he didn’t perceive it positively and thus decided to end the relationship.

Upon announcing his decision to end things, the lady disclosed that it took months or even years for her to accept the man’s advances, as he had pursued her persistently.

However, he responded by expressing his surprise, stating that he wasn’t aware of her behavior.

Their conversation sparked attention on social media, with many people sharing their opinions in the comments section of the post.

See some reactions below: 

Presh_Untold: “Werey don knack, him dey find excuse to run.”

✨✨RUTH💕: “I know myself 😂once he says let’s breakup I go reply with okay cool.”

BLACKTRUTH: “y she go dey call anoda guy love?? meaning she go cheat if him finally know her.”

Eiffel_: “Don’t try this with a Yoruba guy because u go explain tire.”

🦋Sharon🦋: “Me na rmd or king Nasir morning anybody wan talk make i stop loving king Nasir.”

Peng_didi💜: “Jesus this boy name Is my ex name and exactly how I saved it with the emoji.”

Micah may: “na so them tell me , I’m not the girl he thought I was. FEAR MEN. cause how will you try so hard to get a girl Nd when you finally get her.”

Jenna Kimberly Hamilton: “Apt… this is how it’s starts, when yall go out together and you meet the timini, you ll definitely embarrass your boyfriend.”

Lynn Atwan: “Wehreh don drink Coca-Cola finish he wan dispose bottle must he break the bottle.”

Naira Na Asia: “If you like delay till thy kingdom come once you agree they will still do their mind.”

KOKO: “The brother hood is proud 🫱🏽‍🫲🏾 that’s what I called standard.”


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