Viral News Nigerian man calls out ‘rude, & careless’ single ladies

Nigerian man calls out ‘rude, & careless’ single ladies


Nigerian man calls out ‘rude, & careless’ single ladiesA Twitter user with the @MrAkinbosola has sparked controversy on the platform after he tweeted about ‘rude and careless’ single ladies.

The young man damned these set of unmarried women to their father’s house if they continued to be mannerless.

“Being rude and careless as a single lady will earn you nothing but a longer stay in your father’s house”, he tweeted.

However, his tweet attracted the attention of a lot of people on the platform. Several comments were posted in reaction to the post. Out of the reactions, one particular comment stood out.

The comment which was made by a lady named Eketi, centred on the fact that single ladies are not exactly desperate to get married.

In driving her point home, Eketi, pointed out that some ladies own houses while others actually love their father’s homes. Hence, marriage should not be considered a reward for good behaviour.


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