NDLEA asks tertiary institutions to introduce drug integrity test for students

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has requested all higher institutions in Nigeria to make drug integrity testing an institutional policy for both new and returning students as part of its efforts to combat the scourge of drug usage among Nigerian students.

Brig. Gen. Mohamed Marwa (retd), the NDLEA’s chairman/chief executive, made the decision while launching the “drug free university campaign” at the University of Abuja yesterday.

He stated:

“Part of the measures to reduce drug use in the university is the proposed introduction of the Drug Integrity Test for both new and returning students. The drug integrity test is anticipated to metamorphose into an anti-drug policy for all higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. It is expected that the University of Abuja, being the ‘University of National Unity’, will be the first public university in Nigeria to adopt the drug integrity test for fresh and returning students of the institution.

“The drug integrity test is not a punitive measure; rather it is an early detection tool to ascertain an individual’s drug use status for appropriate intervention, and timely treatment and care. This will also entail that the university will develop a drug policy and make such available to each student.”

Equally important is the need to create an NDLEA outpost on the campus where we’ll deploy our men to assist the authorities, deter drug dealers and users within the university.”

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