Nancy Isime Net Worth, Biography, movies and controversy

Nancy Isime is a Nigerian actress and a former model. She is one of the industry’s up-and-coming actresses, and thanks to her acting skills, she has become well-known not only in Nigeria but also in several other African nations.

The estimated value of Nancy Isime’s net worth is $ 1 million. Nancy Isime is one of the select few actors and actresses in the Nigerian film industry to secure an endorsement deal.

When “Makari Nigeria” was in business, she had endorsement deals.

There is no doubt that Nancy Isime’s talent as a Nigerian actress is one of the Nollywood industry’s most prominent stars on the rise and is dominating the Nollywood market.

Nancy Isime Profile Summary

  • Stage Name: Nancy Isime
  • Real Name: Nancy Isime
  • Occupation: Actress and TV Presenter
  • Date Of Birth/Age: 17 December 1991 (31) Years Old
  • Place of Birth: Edo State, Nigeria
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Education: University of Lagos
  • Net Worth: $1M
Nancy Isime Net Worth
Nancy Isime Net Worth. Photo Credit: @nancyisimeofficial: Instagram

Nancy Isime Early Life

In Edo State, Nancy Isime was born to Nigerian parents of Esan origin on December 17, 1991.

After losing her mother when she was five years old, Nancy Isime was raised by her father.

Nancy Isime had her primary and senior secondary school in both Edo and Lagos State.

She earned a diploma in social work from the University of Lagos after completing a six-month foundational course at the University of Port Harcourt.


In addition to “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free,” “A Trip to Jamaica,” “Made in Heaven,” “Merry Men,” and “The Real Yoruba,” Nancy Isime has acted in several Nollywood films.

Red carpet host and HipTv presenter Nancy Isime. She won the 2009 Miss Valentine International beauty contest, which launched her modelling career.

Nancy Isime started her broadcast station “The Nancy Isime Show,” which she hosts on YouTube, and contains guest appearances from several well-known celebrities, including Orezi, Denrele Edun, Falz, Toyin Lawani, Victor Ad, and many more.

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  • The Silent Baron (2021)
  • Superstar (Nollywood Movie) (2021)
  • Blood Sisters (2022)


Nancy Isime was said to enjoy dating married men not long ago. A blogger went so far as to accuse Mr Michael Dion-Goli, CEO of the UK Dion Group, who is married and lives in the UK, of having an affair with Isime.

Nancy was accused of being a prostitute and was blamed for the CEO couple’s divorce. In reaction to the myth, Dion-Goli stated that she only sponsored the Nancy Isime show for season three.

It doesn’t surprise her, she says because, in Nigeria, women who make a good livelihood from their labour are routinely considered prostitutes.

She urged everyone who has circulated such slander to present evidence or remain silent permanently. She begged the public to disregard such bogus information.

Nancy was recently caught in yet another controversy over her naked scene in the Netflix film “Shanty Town.” Even though no one had asked, she felt compelled to go online and clarify that her body double was in that scene rather than her.

Endorsement Deals

Endorsement arrangements are an excellent way for any entertainer to profit from what he or she performs. They advocate brands in exchange for monetary compensation.

So, let’s look into Nancy Isime’s endorsement deals. We discovered magazines that suggest she formerly had an endorsement with a brand called “Makari Nigeria” based on our online study.

Depending on the nature of the endorsement contract, Nigerian celebrities might earn anywhere from N20 million to N50 million naira. So, if we had to make an approximate estimate of how much she made from a single endorsement agreement, it would be N3 million.

Nancy Isime Income From Acting

Nancy Isime also generates money through the movies she performs for production companies in the Nollywood sector, thus her net worth must include all of her profits from the movies she has been acting in.

Normally, the Nigerian film industry pays between $1,000 and $3,000 for each film, depending on the genre of the film, so if we were to make a reasonable estimate of how much he made from these films, it would be an anticipated revenue of $640,000, which is quite a lot.

So, according to the data, she has earned more than $740,000 throughout her career in the entertainment sector. We can now end by showing her net worth.

Personal Life

According to publicly accessible information, the attractive model is still unmarried. Even though no names have been published, she has been linked to a few male celebrities several times.

Nancy stated in an interview that she dislikes dating broke individuals since she favours ambitious, hardworking men.

Net Worth

Nancy Isime’s net worth is believed to be approximately $740,000 (N350 Million Naira). Nancy Isime is also one of the few actresses in Nigeria’s film industry to secure an endorsement agreement.

She had endorsement relationships with “Makari Nigeria” in the past.

Social Media

Instagram: @nancyisime

Twitter: @NancyIsime

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