“My wish is to meet him in heaven when I pass on” – Ghanaian actress professes love for Michael Jackson

Ghanaian actress and model, Moesha Boduong, recently took to her official Instagram page to express her profound love and admiration for the legendary music icon, Michael Jackson.

The late singer, who tragically passed away in 2009, continues to have a lasting impact on fans worldwide, including Moesha Boduong.

Ghanaian actress, Moesha Boduong

In her heartfelt post, the 33-year-old actress shared a picture of Michael Jackson, accompanied by a sincere declaration of her affection for him.

She acknowledged that despite his passing 14 years ago, his love and influence are still deeply felt. Moesha Boduong went on to express her utmost desire: to meet Michael Jackson in heaven when her own time comes.

In her own words:

“He passed away 14 years ago and his love is still felt deeply. I love him soo much and my wish is to meet him in heaven when I pass on”

The post from Moesha Boduong serves as a testament to the lasting impact Michael Jackson has had on fans across the globe, transcending time and generations.

It reflects the admiration and emotional connection many people feel towards the iconic artist, even years after his untimely demise.

See her post below:

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