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My girlfriend dumped me for our neighbor who owns a BMW after I paid for her driver’s license – Heartbroken man cries out

A heartbroken man has narrated a tear-jerking account of how he caught his cheating girlfriend.

According to the narrator, he had paid for his unemployed girlfriend’s driver license because he had thought it would help her in searching for a job.


Days after she got her the license, he found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him with their neighbour.

When he confronted her about her infidelity, she boldly told him off, saying that he’s not ambitious enough to be with her.

He went on to reveal that his girlfriend now drives their neighbor’s BMW and doesn’t even honk at him in acknowledgement when she sees him despite all he had done for her.

Read his full narration below:

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Just a few weeks ago I paid for her to get a driver’s license because I thought it would help her to get a job. I thought it was my duty as her boyfriend. Two weeks after she got the driver’s license I found out that she’s cheating on me with my neighbour. I confronted and she dumped me saying I’m not ambitious enough to be her boyfriend. My neighbour is an ANC guy and has tenders. Yesterday while I was waiting for a taxi to town she passed me at bus stop driving that guy’s BMW. She didn’t even hit a bell to greet me after everything I’ve done for her. And she was driving that car with my license, I paid for it. I cancelled my trip and went back home to sleep with a broken heart. I doubt I will ever be with another woman. I am hurt.”

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