“My boyfriend of 4 years told me he’s attracted to men” – Heartbroken lady shares perplexing story

A lady devastated over the events surrounding her relationship has taken to social media to seek advice.

Lady boyfriend attracted to men The embattled lady took to a dating platform to recount how her boyfriend whom she had been dating for four years suddenly told her that he’s interested in men.

She had thought it was a joke until the man introduced her to his boyfriend.

The lady revealed that she had decided to move out of his apartment after he told her that he doesn’t have any feelings for her buy sees her as a friend.


However, when she visited his home again, she found another lady at his place.

She claimed that the lady admitted that she’s in a relationship with her boyfriend and they’re even expecting a child.

Read her full narration below:

“Please hide my identity. I have been having a normal relationship with my boyfriend of 4 years. Out of the blue last month he told me he is attracted to men. I thought he was joking until he introduced me to his boyfriend. I asked if he still had feelings for me and he said he liked me as a friend. Those words went ghuu in my heart. I decided to move out of his apartment. Last week I went back to his apartment to fetch the rest of my stuff and found a girl he once introduced me as his colleague cooking. She told me straight that she was in a relationship with him and they’re expecting a baby. I asked if she knew about his boyfriend and she just laughed. I called him and my number was blocked. When we called with her number he answered and called her ‘babe’. I wanted to beat her up but remembered she said she was pregnant and it wasn’t her fault. My question is why did he lie to me? I gave him four years of my life. I never never cheated or gave him a reason to doubt my love and commitment to him. Why did he choose another girl over me?”

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