Mummy don’t kill me: 5-year-old girl’s last words before she was strangled to death by her mother

A 41-year-old Slovakian woman, Martina Madarova has been jailed for five years for killing her five-year-old daughter, Alijah Thomas, in West London.Admitting to her crime, she narrated how she carried out the deeds, noting that her daughter’s last words were, “Mummy, don’t kill me,” while her response was “I don’t want to kill you, I just want to help you, no baby you’re safe.”

Following the incident, reports confirmed that the convict was suffering from depression at the time she killed her daughter in September, 2021.

Autopsy results according to Metro UK says the 5-year-old girl died from compression of the neck.

Further narrating the incident, the convict, when asked by a psychiatrist said: “I know I took Ali from the bedroom to the living room. I put cartoons on for her. She was finding me crying. I was with her for a while. It was very embarrassing, my daughter trying to help me. That’s when I felt like a failure. Emotional, physical and spiritual mess. Nothing was right

“What I have done is not normal, I’m going to be all over the news, the voices in my head told me to do it now – I deserve the de#th sentence. It’s rare when a mother s#ffocates her own child, I’m a m#rderer at the end of the day.”

Reacting to the statement, David Thomas, the deceased father said: “I am blessed that I have other children but the fact that I have lost one is devastating. Martina is not a bad person, she was the best mum. I still believe that she was not well and would not have intentionally┬ádone anything to harm our daughter.”


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