Moment preacher storms betting shop to share the gospel of repentance with youths (Video)

Video footage has captured the moment a preacher stormed a betting shop to share the gospel with youths who were engrossed in their game.

Preacher Betting Shop Gospel

In the video, the preacher could be heard speaking about repentance as he urged youths in the arena to turn a new leaf and portray attitudes that are pleasing to God Almighty.

The youths who seemed to be solely interested in their game also echoed a loud ‘Amen’ when he made a statement that required it.

Preacher Betting Shop Gospel

Watch the video below:

Reacting to this scene, social media users have given their opinions accordingly:

mx_sremms wrote:

“Wait first, make I chop 60m for there in their presence
Them go ask for tithe ba”

obanla_daisi wrote;

“Early morning you’re in betting shop gambling, oh my God cus you want to get rich quick and you keep wasting money, I’ve done this in the past and I thank God for making me to forget all the experience above 5yrs now I don’t gamble and the shop is all around me, I don’t even go there.”

arin____mi wrote;

“Oga commot for here ???”

officialteegee90 wrote;

“I go headbutt that man”