Moment man bursts into tears; carries wife up for clearing his N1.3m debt [Videos]

A Nigerian woman stirred the emotions of netizens after she went online to make videos depicting her husband’s reaction to the knowledge of being debt-free.

In a series of videos, the woman, who cleared her husband’s debt of €2,900 (N1,372,624.69) said she wasn’t paying the debt as a way to be proud, but that she wanted to give her husband a big relief.

Narrating the emotional story, she recounted how her husband had borrowed money from the bank about three years ago to provide comfort for his family.

Although she lamented not being able to get a job to assist him pay back the debt, the heartwarming woman said: “I’ve been saving because I want to put smiles on my husband’s face. I want to see him relieved from this stress.”


To this end, on breaking the news to her husband, the now-relieved man burst into tears, jacked her up and sang songs for her.

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