Moment Junior Pope’s first son breaks down at father’s funeral

At the funeral of the famous Nollywood actor Junior Pope, his first son becomes inconsolable as he witnesses the last moment of his father above the earth.

The death of young Nollywood actor and father of three, Junior Pope, is a significant loss to the industry and his family.

jnr junior pope

It is worth noting that he tragically drowned in the Anam River, Anambra State, in April while returning from a movie location and was laid to rest on Friday, May 17th.

A heart-wrenching video shows his first son crying uncontrollably, surrounded by family members, at the funeral.

The young boy was inconsolable in the company of older relatives who tried to calm him with words of consolation at his father’s funeral.

The actor was buried in his hometown of Ukehe, Enugu State, with photos and videos of the tearful event, including his grieving wife holding their youngest child, circulating online.

Watch the video below …