Moment baby girl disobeys her mum, quickly adjusts when she hears her dad’s voice (Video)

A video shared by a mother has become a sensation on social media, showing in a funny way how her baby girl responds differently to her and her father’s instructions; interestingly, the father’s voice makes her obey instantly and completely.

The video captures a charming scenario in which the mother attempts to correct her baby girl’s behavior, only to witness a noticeable difference in responsiveness when compared to the father’s intervention.

The mother expressed her playful frustration in the video, sharing her observations that her daughter seemed to heed her father’s words more promptly.

In the clip, the mother and her baby are seen sitting in the car, with the adorable infant clutching a bottle in her tiny hands.

When the mother gently instructs the baby to put the bottle away, the baby’s reluctance is evident. However, what truly garnered attention and amusement was the subsequent sequence of events.

As if on cue, the father, who was seated nearby, turned around and addressed the baby. In a surprising twist, the baby promptly released her grip on the bottle without a second thought, obeying her father’s command.”

The mother wrote;

“Does anybody else’s daughter ONLY fear daddy? Like she only listen when i say “im gonna teel DADA! he’s her favvv!”

Netizens Reactions…

@Kayli Jayy Blackard said; “The battling of the eyelashes when he turned around lol like ‘I’m not doin anything daddy’.”

@Blair Bathory said; “That is the most beautiful baby, y’all.”

@Steph said; “The way she said “fine then” with her face.

@Divah Da Dyme said; “She is so adorable. She looks just like mommie…”

@Pearbottom said; “She’s so cute, baby girl looks like a dol.”

@SHADOW FALLS said; “And she looks exactly like her momma, so beautiful.”

@big grin said; “This has to be one of the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.” 

@Carlie wondered; “Am I the only 1 who think she looks like a Barbie doll?”

@aalliyharose said; “Not the little smile when dad first turned around trying to bribe him.” 

See below;


Does anybody elses daughter ONLY fear daddy ? Like she only listens when i say “ im gonna tell DADA! “🤣💓🥹🥹🥹 hes her favvvv!! #fyp #trending #trending #4monthspregnant #comedyvideo #skeeye #blackfamilies #daddysgirl #daddydaugther #viralvideo

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