Man who has lived in America for over 13 years cries out, says he’s tired and wants to return home

After 13 years of residing in the United States of America, a Kenyan man has expressed his strong desire to return to his homeland.

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, reportedly relocated to the US in 2011, initially serving in the military for four years before transitioning into corporate employment.

During his time in the US, he held various positions, including a deployment in Afghanistan, and was earning a substantial salary of $12,000 per month.

However, despite the financial security, he found himself grappling with a sense of unfulfillment, realizing that he was sacrificing his most valuable asset (time) for a pursuit that left him with little satisfaction.

In December of the previous year, he reportedly resigned from his corporate job and delve into entrepreneurship, seeking freedom and autonomy in his endeavors.

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After living in the USA for about 13 years, I’ve made a decision to return home to Kenya for good. #kenyantiktok #kenyantiktok🇰🇪 #kenyansinusa🇺🇸 #kenyansinusa🇺🇸🇰🇪

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