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Mom gets her daughter arrested for trying to leave an abusive marriage



While many parents consider their children as a top priority and go to any length to protect them, it appears there are some who have a weird way of showing it.

Such is reflected in the story of a lady who left her abusive husband but paid dearly for it with the help of her own mother.

Twitter user @Mz_Tosyn shared the story on the platform. According to her, the mother found out her daughter got beaten by the said abusive husband, who eventually tried to escape the marriage. But her mom, rejected the idea and got her arrested.

She wrote:

A lady left her husband because of domestic violence, her mother insists she stay in the marriage, she left her husband and got an apartment, her mother took the husband to her new place, the guy beat the lady in the presence of her mother, she escaped and went to her friend’s house.

She didn’t feel safe in the new apartment any more since her mom brought her ex. She asked the landlord for her balance and was told to come for it yesterday, she got to the agent and the agent said her mom called him not to give her without a witness”


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