Mixed reactions trail alleged childhood photo of Farooq Oreagba

A childhood photo of the media sensation, Farooq Oreagba has sparked mixed reactions online.

It would be recalled that the cancer survivor had garnered media attention after viral photos captured him in stunning outfit for the 2024 Ojude Oba Festival in Ogun.

farooq oreagba childhood photo
Mr Farooq Oreagba.

Many cybercitizens have no doubt taken a liking to him and have taken to comment sections to fawn over him.

A Photo trending online is reported to be a childhood photo of Mr Frarooq Oreagba.

farooq oreagba childhood photo
Little Farooq.

The photo captures him looking dashing in his well-pressed shorts and shirt.

It could also be observed from the photo that he was clenching a smoking pipe with his mouth.

Mixed reactions have followed …

@badinflu3nc3_ commented: “Shows he had bad parenting”

@LuckyGoldx wrote: “..thought sm0kers are liable to d!e young?”

@FavorGrace90 said: “This man is the true originator of steeze😂”

@apro_dawildcat penned: “This man won’t leave the stage when the ovation is loudest? Children go soon use am play for social media streets.”

@FrankWriter1 commented: “He has been a stoner from childhood.

Bad parenting, but you won’t shout at him because he’s a rich man.”

@dammygtnet said: “He dun tey wey he dun get steeze! He should enjoy his fame!!”

@Onlineguru_ wrote: “The Steeze was inbuilt
He notures it till he grew up 💪”

@kesiena_obire noted: “I won’t agree otherwise, this dude was born into wealth.

What we call Trust Fund babies nowadays but this is a Trust Fund grandpa who has his steeze on display.”

See photo below …