Mixed reactions as Nigerians in a ‘polyamorous relationship’ openly celebrate their love

Nigerians on X are reacting after software entrepreneur Ezra Olubi and his partners celebrated their polyamorous relationship by posting images online.

The three went to a friend’s wedding abroad and utilized the opportunity to show off their devotion. Ezra, who sported an upside-down cross in one of the images, was seen with Max and NK.

A young man on Twitter identified as Mafejopami disclosed that the tech boss who initially had a girlfriend some months ago had a polyamory with an African American lady who also left her marriage to be with Ezra and his girlfriend.

Mixed reactions as Nigerians in a 'polyamorous relationship' openly celebrate their love
Couples practicing polyamory. source: Instagram

Polyamory has been defined asĀ loving more than one person at once, with respect, trust, and honesty for all partners involved. In polyamory, both partners are allowed to take multiple lovers or one lover.

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