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Miracle Certified As An Instrument Rated Pilot



Miracle Ikechukwu who continued his training as a pilot in Florida, United States has been certified as an Instrument Rated Pilot.

Miracle shared a video of his new rank being added after he was certified as an Instrument Rated Pilot. He captioned it:

“A lot of turbulence while en-route but finally landed.. ✈️“Instrument Rated!”�.. It’s only Your Grace Lord.. Thank�� You.. and to everyone who has supported meh thus far, I Appreciate ��… GOD Bless.. “

Instrument rating refers to the qualifications that a pilot must have in order to fly under instrument flight rules (IFR). It requires additional training and instruction beyond what is required for a private pilot certificate or commercial pilot certificate, including rules and procedures specific to instrument flying, additional instruction in meteorology, and more intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments.

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