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Medical doctor is hailed a “King” after he revealed ways he tries to make his wife’s life easier



Medical doctor is hailed a "King"

A medical doctor shared a thread on Twitter to show ways he tries to make his wife’s life easier and help her in her journey as a new mother.

He shared photos of himself bottle-feeding their child, going grocery shopping, and taking the child with him as he goes about his day.

He wrote: “I take on extra housework and chores so that my wife does not have to worry about them. Breastfeeding is very tedious and she needs all the help she can get. I encourage my wife to take a lot of water and eat well because breastfeeding is energy demanding. I help with bottle feeding with expressed breast milk especially when my wife wants to rest.”

He added: “Helping out with tasks like shopping for groceries are a way to help out or going to market to buy food stuffs helps a lot. The more she understands that those areas are taken care of, the more relaxed she is.”


Twitter users replied, hailing him for his actions.

“Men should take a leaf from you,” @aproko_doctor wrote.

“A King,” @TopazTowers wrote.

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