Home Viral News Married man heartbroken after his nurse wife slept with nine different men

Married man heartbroken after his nurse wife slept with nine different men

A married man has been left heartbroken as he finds out that his wife has had an affair with nine different men.

The man who is a civil servant, revealed that things hadn’t been going smoothly in his marriage after his wife left for her post basic nursing training in 2017, and had been compounded by his busy schedule at work.

Things progressively deteriorated between them as he comes back from work, too tired to have a bedtime with his wife when she comes home for break from school, she inturn began suspecting him of cheating.

After she graduated from school in 2018, there was still no improvement in their relationship as it grew colder with time and when he inquired about it, she’d say he’s the one not being romantic.

A few years later, on October 2021, after he dropped her off for her night shift, she had forgotten her mobile phone in the car; she called, using a colleague’s phone, and told him to help her charge it.

On getting home, he became overwhelmed with the desire to check her phone but unfortunately found it locked.

The phone was subsequently unlocked by their little son only for him to discover what he had feared most after he went through her phone.

Read an excerpt from his post below:

“Well my story goes like this. I got married to my wife in 2013, and she is a nurse. I am a civil servant working with the federal government. Things were rosy for a while and sometime in 2017, she got nursing, and she left for school, while in school, our communication became less and to be honest, I contributed to it, I was over busy at work and she was always trying to get my attention, which became somewhat difficult. I wasn’t cheating at all physically with any lady, but I was chatting with some ladies online. Somehow my wife found out about them, for some she confronted them headlong but without my knowledge and at and at a point, it it degenerated into an argument, but we sorted that out and I apologized.

During those times, our sxx life was really down, and on God, I couldn’t explain why. Sometimes I will come back from the office super tired and I will try to make love to my wife but the erection wouldn’t be there. It became yet another issue, cos she thought I was having sxx elsewhere that is why she has become undesirable to me, but God is my witness, I wasn’t. I tried all my best to convince her, well she either sounded convinced or she just wanted the issue to slide. She graduated mid 2018 and we reunited.”

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