Man who’s tired of living in village cries out for a change

A Nigerian man tired of living in the village has stirred sympathy with an emotional video as he laments his living conditions.

The man took to social media to reveal that he was fed up and tired of living in the village.

man tired village
Nigerian man.

He shared a video of himself shedding tears over his predicament with a video calling on the Lord to interfere and help him out.

His deepest desire was to leave the village for the city where he supposes life would be better for him.

“God please I’m tired of staying in the village. Just help me,” the man lamented.

Some netizens took to the comment section to extend a helping hand to him.

Check out reactions that followed …

@KC Football Tv said: “If you can work. I will help you with western Europe visa, Belgium or Portugal.”

@Karima said: “Can u travel to Ghana? I will help u for accommodation and job to do but am currently in Qatar.”

@James said: “Chaii my brother I was once in dis situation but today all thanks to God am now in Malaysia God will make a way for you.”

@idrismajor said: “Oga stop crying, you’re not a kid,think outside the box and make your,all thise people will not help you, be careful of these people, create your way.”

Watch video below …

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