Man storms mall with giant robot he built, people gather to watch robot dance

A Nigerian man has gotten a lot of people talking after a video popped up where the man stormed a shopping mall with a giant robot.

In the video that was shared online, the robot was seen moving its body to a song that was being played. The crowd gathered was heard in the background cheering.

Man storms mall with giant robot. Photo credit: odmbi. Source: Tiktok

The video was shared by @odmbi on his TikTok page and has been applauded by many for its creativity.

Read some comments below.

@Obina commented, “Our government nor empower people like this they will always take our resources to carry asawo and build mansions for them.”

@cvarara said: “I salute you brother for your creativity, Africa is my home. If we can be united as Africans we can do more.”

@user693864193003 said: “Nigerians have the gung ho Spirit but a section of the country that believes they own the country is drawing us backward.”

@zacks764 reacted: “I think I like this version better. Don’t give away the secret bro!”

@christinaogiamien noted: “Nigerian are very intelligent and smart all that they need is good leadership that will believe in their efforts and its own citizens.”

Watch the video below…


This was amazing, the guy on white built it, God what am I using my brain to do不不不不不不 #odmb1 #fyp #funnyvideos #foryoupageofficiall #nigeriantiktok喫

original sound – ODMB