Man shares testimony as he jokingly applies for two jobs, gets both

A Nigerian man rejoices as he receives two job offers from two individual companies after jokingly applying despite the firms not recruiting.

What initially began as a lighthearted gesture turned into a fruitful journey, as a user on the X platform identified as @Teeblix_ detailed the experience.

In his narrative, the man recounted stumbling upon two companies randomly on Instagram and impulsively reaching out to them.

Despite the companies not posting any job openings, he proceeded to send them emails, while selling himself with a good speech.

To his astonishment, he received responses and interviews from both simultaneously and ultimately, he was presented with two job offers.

How I got two job offers after jokingly applying despite not recruiting

“I Got Two Job Offers from Thinking Outside the Box! Hey friends 👋🏼 Happy Monday.

“I am putting this out here because the approach I took worked for me, and for anyone job haunting, the approach can work for you as well.

“Here’s how 👇🏽

“About a week ago, I was casually scrolling through Instagram to see how things were going over there when I stumbled upon an ad for a fintech app. I checked their page to get more information. Intrigued by their work, I thought, “Hey, why not give it a shot?” 🌟

“Now, here’s the kicker—there were no job openings listed. But that didn’t stop me! I found their email (thanks, Instagram!) and sent over a cover letter with my resume and my portfolio. And guess what? I took a slightly humorous approach in my cover letter.

“Here’s a snippet: “Hello (Company Name), You guys didn’t put out a vacancy, I know that. I am just applying nonetheless. Also, if you did put out a vacancy, I definitely did not see that.

“After I’d done this, I decided to keep scrolling through Instagram, I knew with their algorithm that it would show me other related pages since I interacted with the previous one. In summary, I used the same template to reach out to like 7 companies in total.
I did this just because my spirit said I should, I wasn’t expecting any response.

“To my surprise, not one, but two companies responded! They appreciated my initiative, although they weren’t hiring at the moment. But hey, it was a start! I was happy 😅

“Fast forward a few days, and I received an unexpected email from one of the companies—they wanted to schedule an interview! 😲 Not long after that, I got a call from someone, I picked the call, and I sounded somewhat rude, and this was because I get a lot of spam calls of recent, my bad!

“It was a call from the CEO of one of the companies I applied to, making it two companies that gave me a postive response, I apologised for sounding rude and we talked, she scheduled an interview with me and it went well. I also had an interview with the first company.

“In the end, I received job offers from both companies, which was incredible! But you know what’s even better? I had the freedom to choose the one that resonated with me the most.

“Sharing this story because sometimes, all it takes is a bit of initiative and confidence to land yourself a job—even if the job listing isn’t there. So, if you’re on the hunt for your next opportunity, don’t hesitate to step out of the box and make things happen! This approach did work for me. It can work for you as well. 💫”

Man shares testimony as he jokingly applies for two jobs, gets both

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