“It’s giving what have I done” – Speculations as lady flaunts result of nose job

A young African American lady who did not like the shape of her nose sparks a buzz as she flaunts the result after getting surgery done.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the surgical modifications done on a lady’s nose called Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery.

Ethnic rhinoplasty surgery

The lady had a round-shaped nose and after the surgery, her nose had been corrected to have a pointed top and as the name of the surgery suggested, it captured the shape of a rhino’s horn.

Following the procedure, the video of the lady’s corrected nose however sparked a buzz as many argued her nose looked better before the rhinoplasty surgery.

Speculations as lady flaunts result of nose job

Reactions as lady flaunts result of rhinoplasty nose surgery

tontolofabrics said: “Most of the time the before is always better😂.”

eberechi_ehiemere_oluomachi opined: “What exactly happened to the nose before, it looks fine to me😢.”

barbie_lish wrote: “That’s a really nice nose job. The swelling on the bridge would eventually go down.”

jayne__sammymere penned: “You people should better tell her the truth ooo🌚🌚.”

chinny_005 said: “She should reduce the forehead too while she’s there.”

abolanle_234 stated: “Instead of her to invest in her skin, na ethnic whatever she dey do🤣🤣It’s not giving anything.

Watch the video below …