Man reveals shocking dream he had about Mohbad’s son’s DNA result

An unidentified man sparks a commotion with a dream he allegedly had concerning Mohbad‘s wife, Omowunmi Aloba, and the DNA result of their son.

Omowunmi has been the subject of intense scrutiny following the singer’s passing, with numerous calls for her to conduct a DNA test on Mohbad’s child.

Man reveals shocking dream he had about Mohbad's son's DNA result
Late Mohbad and his wife, Wunmi.

Prior to sharing his dream, he stated that the paternity of the child is a viral content that hit him on every social media page he finds himself, causing him to have a dream about it.

In a video shared on Instagram by @mylagoslately, the individual claimed to have dreamt that the DNA test result turned out negative. He further implored Omowunmi to carry out the test to conclusively resolve the matter once and for all with the result.

“Yesterday for my dream, they called the result. Na negative. Everybody was shocked. Madam if this DNA test na wetin everybody dey ask for, e no go take you anything. “If you are sure this baby belongs to Mohbad, come outside. DNA test na simple thing. Do it for your baby. Let’s check, let’s move on,” he said in part.

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