Man loses job after sexually harassing lady online

A young man identified as Dimeji Ezekiel loses his job after sexually harassing a lady online with his persistent advances.

A Twitter user identified as @TheLoliaba took to the platform to call out Dimeji over his aggressive advances at her on Instagram.

Man loses job after sexually harassing lady online
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The young man had expressed himself in different manners while sending unsolicited notions. He, however, refused to stop despite being rejected by the lady and advised to back off.

In a Twitter thread, he was called out while his workplace was tagged on the thread which contained evidence of him sexually harassing the lady.

“Today, June 1, 2023, Dimeji Ezeikel (@/dimejiezekiel on Instagram), a product designer at LemFi (@UseLemfi) sexually harassed me online.

Man loses job after sexually harassing lady online

As a woman who stands vehemently against sexual abuse in any form, I cannot sit back and let this slide. Women deserve to be able to exist in safety, away from the sexual depravity of sick, sick men.

“I was hesitant to speak up at first, as I am well aware of the vile scrutiny victims are often subjected to, particularly given my current mental state, however have been encouraged by my close friends to speak up.

Man loses job after sexually harassing lady online

Harassers and abusers thrive in the silence of their victims and I will be damned if I lend to their thriving. Stay safe, ladies. He’s a fucking creep 🤮,” she wrote in the thread.

Reacting to the allegations, the company where the young man was employed confirmed that he had been sacked while emphasizing how it stands against indiscipline.

It said in part, “We wanted to provide an update regarding the recent incident involving a staff member accused of sexual harassment. After a thorough investigation, we have taken decisive action to terminate the individual’s employment at LemFi.

When this was brought to our attention, we contacted both parties. He confirmed that the origin of the shared messages was from him. We have also spoken to “@TheLoliaba” to hear her out and apologise because we have no tolerance for behaviours like this at LemFi.”

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