Luis Díaz parents kidnapped in Colombia

The parents of Liverpool winger Luis Díaz have reportedly been kidnapped in their hometown of Barrancas, La Guajira, Colombia.

The incident occurred at a local petrol station when two armed men ambushed their van, leaving the star’s family in pains.

The Sun UK reported that a wide search operation has been initiated with both police and military forces working together to locate Luis Manuel Díaz and Cilenis Marulanda.

While there was some relief as Cilenis was found safe and placed under police protection, Luis Díaz’s father remains missing.

Luiz Díaz parents kidnapped in Colombia
Luis Diaz with his parents – Getty image

The precise details of the kidnapping are still emerging, with unconfirmed reports of an exchange of gunfire during the incident.

In response to the ongoing incident, the country’s law enforcement initiated a “Padlock Plan” to secure the town.

Meanwhile, Diala Wilches, the governor of La Guajira, have condemned the kidnapping and urged the kidnappers to return Manuel safely.

Luis Díaz, who is considered Colombia’s biggest soccer star, has been a victim of circumstance all his life.

He overcame a severe illness that led to dangerous weight loss when he was younger, and has today transformed from a skinny kid nicknamed “Noodle” into a prominent footballer.

He has been a huge plus to Liverpool since joining in January of 2022, contributing both goals and assists for the English giants.

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