Lizzy Anjorin gives Iyabo Ojo ‘unprinted’ names days after being warned

A few days after Iyabo Ojo criticized Lizzy Anjorin for referring to her as “Sepeteri,” Lizzy Anjorin defied the warning by giving her more ‘unprinted names.’

This comes amidst the unending beef between the actresses that have been on and off for a while despite efforts from other colleagues to reconcile the duo.

iyabo ojo
Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo had taken to her social media to express that the name “Sepeteri” was not her actual name. She clarified that Sepeteri is a village in Nigeria, not her name.

In response, Lizzy Anjorin seemed to offer more names to Iyabo Ojo in a characteristic manner. She urged her fans to help choose another name for Iyabo Ojo, providing a long list of options.

lizzy anjorin

Lizzy revealed that the selected names needed to be decided soon as it was time for Iyabo Ojo’s christening.

Taking to her Facebook page, she wrote;

“I Heard She Doesn’t Like The Name “Sepeteri”
Kindly Do Me A Favour By Helping To Pick A Suitable And Befitting Name Just For Her* As It’s Time For Her Christening
2,adogan Pastor Sulele
3,fewonlogba 2024
4, Obo Jinmin
5,ipapate Epon
7.iya Okonga
8 .arugbo Ti Kekere Yemi
10,agbesun Baba Jegejege Bending Roler Waist ..
11, Obo Turkey
12, Eruku Oshodi
13, Shaving Stick Broda Milo
14 Toothbrush Kooro.”

Lizzy Anjorin gives Iyabo Ojo 'unprinted' names days after being warned