Lil Frosh shares proof, insists swelling on Cute Gemini was allergy not abuse

The embattled singer, Lil Frosh shares proof as he continues to fight for his innocence on the allegations of domestic abuse against his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini.

It would be recalled that the singer lost his career in 2021 after the saga with his ex-girlfriend and was off the radar until some hours ago when Cute Gemini was accused of bullying a Tiktoker.

lil frosh

After narrating what transpired between them and how the swelling on his ex-girlfriend’s face was an allergic reaction to food, he refuted the allegations of domestic abuse.

Sharing a photo collage of the genesis of the allergic reactions that started from the back of Gemini’s ears, Lil Frosh continues to plead to Davido to reinstate his contract at DMW Records.

Lil Frosh shares proof, insists swelling on Cute Gemini was allergy not abuse

“See how everything started on her face,it started with a reaction that caused a boil, we even went to the pharmacy to check what happened to her.

“Sadly after medications the conditions worsened and when it became really big they turned the story that I hit her, and presented these pictures as evidence.

“I tried to explain nobody wanted to hear me out, that was the peak of my career, I begged they refused to stop, they collected money and left me empty, NO LABEL, NO LOVE, turned my fans against me, turned Nigerians against me, at a point I almost ended it all, seeing the people I started music with become way bigger than me,my life was a bad news, no motivation anywhere, please guys help me beg @davido for a second chance.”