Lawyer recounts how he nearly ended it all after girlfriend broke up with him

A Nigerian lawyer, Adama Muhammed Ndakudu has recounted how he nearly drank methylated spirit after his girlfriend broke up with him.

The lawyer took to his Twitter page to share his story. According to him, the incident happened when he was at the university.

He disclosed how he sat in his office crying like a baby over the breakup. In an attempt to help, a colleague decided to accompany him to the lady’s house to beg on his behalf but she got angry and told him not to bring people to her house.

In his word;

“It’s the kneeling to beg a woman that is shocking you? I have attempted to drink methylated spirit cos my then-girlfriend was breaking up with me and was caught crying in the office while covering my face with a newspaper. I think I just finished 200level that year,”

“A sister-friend volunteered to follow me to her house to beg, to think I did absolutely nothing wrong, she was just done with the relationship, she said I should not bring the crowd to her house.”


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