Landlord vows to eject tenant who pays N8K monthly rent for installing AC

Landlord fumes as he explains why he must eject a tenant who installed an AC in his room despite paying N8K rent monthly.

The Ghanaian landlord took to social media to vent as he made a video capturing the AC which was already installed in the room of the tenant.

ac landlord tenant
Air conditioner.

The landlord explained that the tenant only pays him GH¢100 (N8,447.19) monthly rent but is buoyant enough to buy himself an AC which costs more than his annual rent.

He concluded that the tenant obviously consider the AC to be more important than the shelter that his house is providing him.

The landlord said …

“This man rented this place at GH¢100 per month. He rented it for two years, making GH¢2,400 a year but has been able to buy an air conditioner worth GH¢4,500. He’s trying to tell me that the Air con is more important than the room.”

Reactions have trailed this…

@Young Energie shared: “My landlord made it clear to me that if I buy an air conditioner I will pay all the bills that will come and I was furious…de next day oga told me to move out.”

@D_vino wrote: “This is exactly how it should be. But the landlord will be jealous if he doesn’t have one and if he’s a greedy landlord too.”

@Thebignanayaw said: “Our mentality as a people will send us to an unexpected grave. Since when did having an AC in your room become a yardstick for being rich? Wey thinking this?”

Watch video below …