“I wash plates for 11 hours daily” – Nigerian man who washes dishes abroad shows off mansion he built for his parents

A Nigerian man has captured the attention of many after unveiling a mansion he built for his parents in their village following years of hard work abroad.

In a video shared online, the young man @mcak80 shed light on his life abroad and the hardships he endured to achieve his success.

Having lived in the United Kingdom for four years, @mcak80 disclosed that his journey was far from easy.

Despite holding a master’s degree, he found himself washing plates and working in healthcare jobs to make ends meet.

"I wash plates for 11 hours daily" - Nigerian man who washes dishes abroad shows off mansion he built for his parents

@mcak80 recounted how his struggles went unnoticed by many, emphasizing the lack of attention and support he received during his times of hardship.

Undeterred by the challenges he faced, he adopted a frugal lifestyle, meticulously managing his expenses to save money while residing in the UK.

Instead of succumbing to the pressure of societal expectations, @mcak80 made pragmatic decisions, such as opting for public transportation over purchasing a car.

These choices, though seemingly small, played a pivotal role in his ability to provide for his loved ones and invest in his parents’ future back in Nigeria.

Netizens Reactions…

Gav and mimi said; “He did not buy house in Lagos , so it’s cheaper to buy in different state especially village.”

dy/dx said; “You owe nobody any explanation. You don make am means you don make am.”

Entertainment and blogs said; “Your own better I’ll continue to talk ham, you’re well determined,our own eldest brother don run come back saying cold too much.”

AdelekeWealth said; “I don finally see Man wey get sense kudos bro.

Jesus John-Jobe said; “I’m happy for you but public transport costs more than riding a car in the UK.”

BIDEMI said; “For building for ur parents! Bro u owe no one explanation! I pray for you always.

Mc Jones said: “My brother no mind dem… You are doing well. No buy car no carry ashawo for UK oh. Cos your money go finish oh.” 

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This is what I did which helped me to build that house for my parents #family #housetour #move #fyf #mcakonuche

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