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Lady tackles Nigerian women “carrying marriage title on their head”



Lady tackles women “carrying marriage title on their head”

A Nigerian woman took Twitter to call out some Nigerian ladies who according to her are ‘carrying marriage title on their head’

The Twitter user,  Sasinuola Adunni. O, using her handle, gave a short narration of how she met a young lady whom she reached out to about doing business together. She started off the conversation by saying “Hello Ms X” and proceeded with the details of the proposed business, only for her to get a surprise response from the lady….

Read her tweet below

‘Nigeria women and carrying marriage title on their head ? reached out to a young woman about doing business with her and I start of with “Hello Ms X” and proceeded with the deets of our business together her first response is ” Its Mrs X I’m married” She said.

‘What does that have to do with anything when it’s not as if I’m toasting you.’ She reacted.

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