Aug 12, 2019

Lady Set To Marry Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Brother

Lady Set To Marry Her Ex-Boyfriend's BrotherA South African lady revealed plans of marrying her ex-boyfriend’s brother she started dating after their breakup, in response to a tweet about a ‘Situation God turned around’.

@SlimBunny0 maintained that she doesn’t care about the name calling that trailed the disclosure and also added that she wouldn’t have gone public if she never read testimonies from other Twitter users.

“My Ex Boyfriend cheated on me 3 times I finally decided to leave him and I started dating his brother. I’m happy to say we getting married in November”

I don’t care y’all can call me all kinds of names Only God can judge and he understands I asked for a sign and I got it

Honestly speaking y’all I don’t think I would’ve been brave to speak out like this if I didn’t read the testimonials from that tweet? it’s amazing how people’s stories can touch you, she tweeted

See her tweet below;

Lady Set To Marry Her Ex-Boyfriend's Brother

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