Lady seeks advice over rich friend who enjoys sending her millions of naira but refuses to teach her how to make her own money

A Nigerian lady identifed with the Twitter handle @Rene_noire is demanding to know if she should go on asking for money from a rich friend who deliberately refused to teach her how to make her own money.

According to her, anytime she asks him to teach her how to make money like he does, he would send her more money instead.

In her words: “I have this friend who sends me money regularly, minimum 2m. Last time I asked him to teach me how to make money he laughed it off and sent me more money. He’s sent me 7m before and he’s just my friend. Should I keep asking or just leave him?

“This is the thing, I’m no longer satisfied with bare minimum. I want to learn how to fish big time. I want to be rich rich. This level no longer serves me so I need to learn soon how to make the kinda money I want to spend. Asap. I’m looking into stocks and project management.”

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